The apartment at Cremona I had booked for three nights. As early as on Saturday the weather app predicted rain on Monday too. This was a change in prediction.

Only for a few minutes I thought to postpone my departure to Tuesday.

Very soon I decided to cycle in the rain. My idea was to see how I can handle the rain. Also I wouldn’t be a wimp. And I wanted to get free and unimpressed by such obstacles.

I was well prepared to stay the rain. That doesn’t mean to stay dry because there are two types of getting wet. From outside and from sweating. My new rainwear, the fantastic pair of trousers and the gaiters kept me absolutely dry. But after half an hour I felt wet inside.

It was a bit a challenge to accept this wet and hot feeling. After an hour I was familiar with and I drove through the rain and was in a happy mood 🙂

It’s up to me to say to myself how poor I am. Or „singing in the rain“ 🙂

So I was glad for my decision.

There was only a moderate rainfall but the whole day long.

I mostly used roads because the bike path sometimes is a dirt road and after 3 days of rain these roads were muddy.

Only two times I went such muddy dirt tracks. This was really difficult and exhausting.

Rowing is ideal here on this plane river. The long one could be an eight-woman boat.
Rowing area.
Canale Milano-Cremona
River Adda coming from lake Como.
Despite the rain my beloved poppies 🙂
The bicycle becomes dirty.
The entrance to the cemetery gave me shelter for a little break.
Not the way of Saint James but holy anyway…
On this part of the Francisco’s way I met an elderly couple from Belgium. He was the gentleman and helped his spouse to pull the bike through the mud. They started at Aosta and want to go to Rome. I believe both of them are about 75 years in age. Of course they used e-bikes but anyway I admire them for their courage and their power.
Also on the ground the Francigena symbol.
No lake. No reservoir. But fields flooded by 3 days of rain or rice fields?
Ponte Coperto. The original Gothic bridge was built from 1351 to 1354 but destroyed during WW2. An reconstructed in the 50s. The bridged river isn’t Po put Ticino (Tessin) from Lago Maggiore.
Look! Golden hour! The sun is back again.
A walk along the riverside of Ticino.
Ponte Coperto against sun.
Piazza della Vittoria. Pretty nice houses.
And the other side.
Duomo Pavia. Finalized in 1898 after a building time of 390 years. It is 97 meters high. The weight of the cupola is 20.000.000 kilograms! The cupola is the third largest in Italy.
Walking along the church while eating some icecream I heard music and walked to the entrance and was absolutely surprised that the concert was for free. What a wonderful coincidence and great conclusion of this day.
Anton Bruckner conducted by Zubin Metha.
Standing ovations in this imposing dome.
View up to the illuminated top of the dome.
From Cremona to Pavia I drove eight and a half hours and made 89 km.