06-18.05.-Sa-Cremona sightseeing

Living in a nice and absolutely silent flat in the second floor downtown Cremona I slept very well.

The bakery ten meter beside my door. I bought some pieces of these wonderfully tasty panini and one brioche with chocolate.

I prepared coffee at the apartment and enjoyed a delicious breakfast with cheese and bread and brioche.

Then I attended the violin museum showing the violin making at Cremona starting with Andrea Amati in the sixteenth century followed by Andrea Guarneri and Antonio Stradivari in the early eighteenth century.

At twelve am I was able to listen to a little concert on a 1669 violin made by Stradivari. It took place in the concert hall within the museum and was wonderful.

Next I climbed about 500 steps (110 meters) at the tower (called: Tarrazzo) next to the Cremona cathedral and enjoyed the overview although it was overcast and rainy.

Between this activities and until late evening I followed the reporting to Ibiza gate in Austria 😉

Made by Amati.
Bridges, necks, pins, strings and so on and tools.
The progressive spread of violin making since 1500 s.
Amati, Guarneri, Stradivari the most well known luthier / violin maker.
The concert hall at the museum.
Outside vintage cars drove through Cremona – 1000 miglia was this day’s guest.
Another classic car – really loud and exhaling lots of exhaust gases.
This patisserie was built in 1865 with its interior preserved. Looks pretty nice but isn’t comfortably because there are no tables to enjoy cake and coffee but you have to stay at the bar.
The store vis a vis offers famous Torrone.
The same shop window.
An astronomical clock in the Tarrazzo.
The clockwork.
A first overview.
On top 110 meters above ground.