Another rainy day.

I was really surprised that the bakery was closed. Also I couldn’t find any other. So I went to a nice bar with delicious Brioches.

Next I went to the civic museum „Ala Ponzone“ to see especially the famous picture of Caravaggio.

On my way back to the apartment I attended the Cremona cathedral Maria Assunta.

Now I will rest to get ready for tomorrow and the next kilometers.

Although the weather predictions show rain I will start because it becomes boring.

Here it is. Caravaggio’s paintings are outstanding because they are so real. He used a special technique with polarizing lights that made his paintings most similar-looking. The other painters as his time admired and envied him.
This painting shows life around Cremona in the 19th century.
A painting with two views. An unrefined man’s face with a hat looks out of the mirror. A bowl with different legumes you see in the original painting.
Information about the museum.
Il Tarrazzo.
The cathedral’s altar.
View back to the entrance side.
One of the apes aisle.
One of the side altars.
And here the Grande Croce, the large cross built from 1470 to 1478 by two goldsmiths from Cremona. It is 3 meters high is assembled of 1.000 components and 160 statues. You can look onto the masterpiece for a very long time because there are so many details to explore. But that would become expensive because you have to insert one Euro for a span of 3 minutes. But it’s absolutely worth it.
One detail of the Grande Croce.
The cathedral’s backside. It was built in the 12th century within 60 years. Like most Italian churches also this one is dedicated to the Blessed Mother.