At the beginning of my trip today I checked the beeline from Mantua to Cremona on my LocusMap. 45 km. I added 30 % and thought I can do that easily.

I became courageous and thought to make a detour to Brescello on the south side of the Po to see the little village where Don Camillo and Peppone were produced in the fifties and sixties. A detour of approximately 10 km.

At the end I did 100 km without Don Camillo and I took a shortcut of about 10 km too.

Today I was on the bike eight and a half hours.

The ciclying was easy. No climbs but in the second half of the way I was the lucky guy again because of tailwinds. My high speed was 31 km/h LocusMap showed.

The landscape is plane as far the eye can see.

Always an eycatcher were the grain fields with the numerous red poppies 🙂

As the breakfast this morning wasn’t that sumptuous I felt hungry the whole day.

The temperature was fine so I could removing the primaloft jacket.

Writing this lines with an open window in my flat I hear the rain drum onto the roofs.

First on Monday the sun shall shine again. So I will stay at Cremona until then. That is a good timing because my upper legs muscles are very poor and need a reasonable pause.

The grain field in front of the B&B this morning.
EuroVelo 8 starts at Cadiz goes to Athens and Cyprus.
First view to river Po.
Look at the tail of the chicken. Italiens seem to be EU fans (like me).
Nice bridge but not over the Po but over Oglio that comes from Lago di Iseo. There are four rivers what are outlets of a lake. Mincio from lake Garda. Oglio as mentioned before. Adda from lake Como and Ticino (Tessin) from Lago Maggiore.
A dirt track bike path with the wonderful red of the blooming poppies.
Greenhouses with red poppies.
The church of Sabbioneta.
Waiting on the train.
The town hall of Casalmaggiore.
Poppies 🙂
Also between young trees.
Last not least river Po 🙂
From Mantua to Cremona.