Bright sunshine but quite cold in the morning. I started at half past nine am and cicled nine and a half hours and arrived at Mantua at seven pm. I did 105 km. Finally I was really tired.

At Valeggio sul Mincio I asked myself to stay there for the night. But it was to early and I felt strong enough to do the additional nearly 30 km.

The bike path along the Adige channel I like very much because it is plane and wide and about 50 meters above Adige so it offers a wide view.

Arriving at Po Valley it became warm suddenly. About 20 degrees. I enjoyed very much. But in the shadows the temperature was noticeable colder so kept on my primaloft jacket so I sometimes sweated a lot.

Soon I arrived river Mincio and enjoyed ciclying along the marvelous landscape and the green water.

I decided to take the „Dolce“ bike path. Firstly I thought it is named because on this path I could avoid a climb of 100 meters. Then I saw the village named Dolce 🙂
The vineyard looks like a pergola. Going along the smell of the chemicals is in the nose. Very interesting the farmers on their small tractors wearing full-face helmets 😉 while they spray the poisoning chemicals they try to save themselves.
A wonderful bike path and landscape.
Four windmills. Only one moved. Coming nearer I saw all of them moved but some had to less winds and moved slow-motion.
The Veroneser Klause (pass) looks pretty nice.
And a last time.
View from Adige channel near Bussolengo.
Red bags red poppies 😉
More poppies.
Arrived at river Mincio.
Another grain field with lots of poppies.
River Mincio more a lake (reservoir) next to Mantua.
The little village a few kilometers in the west of Mantua where my B&B is located.
View from my B&B over a grain field with evening mood.
From Avio to Mantua.