Today I started at 12 am and drove about 5 hours and made 57 km.

It was an overcast day. Once I put on my whole rain clothes but put them of a few kilometers later because it didn’t start to rain and I felt hot and wet inside 😉 Finally there was no rain only some rain drops.

In difference to yesterday I faced headwinds all the time so I was very slowly also because my muscles were tired 😉

At Avio booking showed a nice little B&B with a Pizzeria close to it.

Funivia Trento Sardagna
Nice red poppies
Highway, bike path and heavy clouds
Castel Beseno next to Besenello.
The water from power house (from the right) gives the Adige a huge appearance.
Castello di Avio
The Pizzeria at Avio with its nice beer decoration.
Avio’s bell tower.
Avio’s town hall.
From Trento to Avio.